PLASA Fraud and Theft Prevention

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PLASA RENTAL GUARD is an alert system that has proven effective in preventing fraud and theft, and locating stolen equipment. It enables the world-wide network of professional rental companies to list missing/stolen equipment, share information about how thefts are occurring, gain intelligence about potential new customers, and report and receive information on questionable customers.

Anyone may receive theft alerts and report stolen equipment free of charge. You must register to receive the email alerts.

You must be a PLASA Member to post, receive or respond to a New Customer Inquiry.

Anyone may post a Questionable Customer Alert but you must be a PLASA Member to receive them.

Become a PLASA Member

PLASA is a non-profit trade association with an international network of over 1200 Members. Click here for membership information. PERG (North America) and ASPEC (UK) are special interest groups within PLASA serving the film and digital community.

Learn more about PERG (North America)

Learn more about ASPEC (UK)


Before you rent, buy, or service equipment, check to see if it has been reported stolen with a simple search. Avoid becoming an innocent victim.


If you suffer a theft, post your loss and an alert will be sent to all subscribers. Your posting will be viewed by those who may come into contact with stolen equipment such as service centers, rental houses, and brokers.

New Customer Inquiry

Get help from fellow PLASA Members when evaluating new customers by checking references beyond those listed on their application.

Questionable Customer Alert

If you’ve turned down a rental because red flags were raised, alert PLASA Members so they can use extra care if also approached.

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